Monday, February 22, 2010

Welcome to my new fiction writing blog

I, my wife, Pam, and my writing buddies Grizz and Dudley, moved here three years ago after my long corporate career with Eastman Kodak. I directed worldwide communications for their digital image capture division and then ended my career as mid-south regional manager with Kodak’s digital document imaging division, serving clients such as FedEx, Wal Mart, St. Jude, etc..

I now write full-time here in the South Carolina lowcountry. My wife is an artist (watercolors and acrylic) and Master Naturalist (Clemson University) and we spend a lot of time at art fairs, writer’s colonies and traveling, which most times inspires a creative flow that keeps both of us moving forward.

I have published short stories, poetry and prose, some of which are matted and framed and sold at art fairs and galleries along the east coast—see my blog.

I have one novel completed (The Devil’s Kitchen), the sequel (The Devil’s Emissary) in final edit, and a new Novel tentatively titled ‘CandleDancer’ in the works.

THE DEVIL’S KITCHEN was inspired by my years as a Martial Artist, my combat training and top-secret security clearance in the U.S. Army, and a heavy dose of invention. I have attended myriad fiction workshops including the Gell Center Fiction workshop (NY) with Science Fiction novelist, Ms. Nancy Kress and novel workshops with romance novelist Patricia Ryan and horror novelist T.M Wright. I am currently enrolled in the creative writing certification program at UCLA.

Overview of ‘The Devil’s Kitchen':
Circa 1990 and the cold war is over, and terrorism, revenge, and retribution has begun. Convinced he has escaped the tentacles of COMMEX, a covert government agency, Colonel Brady Thomas’s life is turned upside down by events that hurl him back into a convoluted world he thought left behind. The vocation that took away everything he once held dear, threatens to do so again. His life is in jeopardy, as are the lives of those around him: lifelong comrades and friends, the woman loves and a daughter thought long dead. But, Tyrone Prescott, the prescient, manipulative head of COMMEX has a plan, a preemptive strike mapped out years earlier. This is a story of action and consequence, vengeance and vulnerability; a story that shows how inconsequential lives can be when the end is so unquestionably vital that the means to that end is utterly justified.

Overview of ‘CandleDancer’:
Jake Slaughter has had enough and is heading back to the South Carolina lowcountry after twenty years of globetrotting. There, he will confront a lost love, personal demons, and a captivating young woman with secrets of her own. A cast of local characters and family members all play a part in his struggle to reclaim his life, to begin anew, and to finally love again without the pain and misery of his past.

This is a powerful journey across physical and personal landscapes; a story about breaking with the past and, a story about people stifled by grief and regret who struggle to begin anew.

I had an agent years ago, who has since retired, and am actively seeking representation for my completed works and works in progress.

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