Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Muse is finally back - where ya been girl!

Well, it's all about time and place, isn't it? Been a long time, but we are back home in Bluffton in our new home on one of Arnie Palmer's golf courses and ready to get back to the keyboard. The heat alone here in the South Carolina lowcountry will keep me inside and working. Doesn't take much to distract me anymore..  Hope this post finds everyone well. My next post to both 'The long Road Home' and 'The Devil's Kitchen' are forthcoming. By the way, I ran into a few of my old writing pals in New York last month - seems a lot of us have been looking for the mysterious missing muse this past year. Well, she's back and I'm back so I guess it's back to the old keyboard. Best wishes and a great summer to all!